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Motto Challenge 2018

hosted by Aleshanee von Weltenwanderer

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Literary Pickers Reading Challenge 2018

How keen of an observer are you? Good at finding important stuff? Or maybe not, but you just want to participate anyway? This challenge is just a fun way to see if you can find a list of items as you read no matter what romance style you pick up. The reader picks and chooses how many books and what list items they want to find. It can be a commitment to ten reads a year or a hundred. Everyone is welcome to participate.
Level One – Treasure Hunter in Training- 10 items/10 places
Level Two – Garage Sale Guru- 25 items/ 25 places (my choice)
Level Three -Professional Picker- 50 items/50 places

  1. Choose level and share in your initial post and/or below in the comments.
  2. Make initial challenge post and then update once a month. Leave blog links or update in comment section for our monthly reading challenge post. Tracking may be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it (list objects with books in running tally or just updating with new additions from that month).
  3. Start on or after January 1 and no later than November 1, 2018 – End before or on December 31, 2018.
  1. Qualifying books must be published (ARCs may be included),
    Be romance or have strong romance element.
    No restriction on sub-genre (Dystopian, Historical, Contemporary, LGBT, etc), reading level (YA, NA, or Adult), format (paper, e-book, audio), source (purchased, gifted or borrowed) or length of book.
    May be a re-read as long as it is started after Jan. 1st.
    Must be listed by Title and Author. Place in a series or connection to series would be good to know too.
    Books can count toward other reading challenges.
  2. Reader can count only one item per book even if book offers several items from the Scavenger Hunt list.
  3. Reader must have an on-line place to track for challenge whether it is on a blog or whether it is creating a specified ‘Literary Pickers’ Challenge shelf at a place like GoodReads or Shelfari as the point is for other readers be able to see what you are reading.Having a review and rating for each book completed would be great, but not required.
  4. Reader may choose a lower level to start and advance to an upper level if needed.
Scavenger Hunt participants must work off the specified list, but if you found an object that is in the same spirit of the one on the list you can count it. Most of all just have fun and encourage each other on in reading and chatting about books.

2018 Literary Pickers Challenge- Scavenger List

Literary Pickers Scavenger Hunt 2018
Around the House 
  1. Patio Furniture
  2. Walk-In Closet
  3. Dust or Cobwebs
  4. Gaming System
  5. Grandmother’s China/any dishes past down
  6. Porch light
  7. Quilt
  8. Area Rug
  9. Candle
  10. Pots and Pans
  11. Fruit Trees/Orchard
  12. Keys
  13. Rocking Chair
  14. Bathroom Mirror
  15. Attic
  16. Toy Chest/bin
  17. Mixing bowl
  18. Barn
  19. Curtain/Drapes
  20. Napkin/serviette
Around the World
  1. Japan
  2. Italy
  3. Africa
  4. Caribbean
  5. New Zealand
It Goes Zoom Zoom
  1. Motorcycle
  2. Navy Ship
  3. Raft
  4. Roller blades/skateboard
  5. Carriage
  6. Riding Horse
  7. Shuttle/small space ship
  8. Classic Car
  9. Surfboard
  10. RV/Caravan/Camper
Elements to Factor
  1. Friends to lovers/Bestfriend
  2. Love at First Sight
  3. Commitophobe
  4. Arranged Marriage/Marriage of Convenience
  5. Miscommunication
  6. Threesome/Love Triangle
  7. Gender bender/Role Reversal
  8. Office Romance
  9. Enemies to Lovers
  10. Small Town
  11. Rocker Romance
  12. A Murder
  13. Secret baby/accidental baby
  14. Another dimension/fantasy world
  15. Kink/BDSM
  16. Post-apocalyptic/Dystopian/Futuristic
  17. Historical
  18. Humor/Comedy
  19. First time author/narrator
  20. On your TBR stack for more than a Year
All Terrain 
  1. Lake
  2. Volcano/Hot Spring
  3. Blizzard or Polar Region
  4. City streets
  5. Castle/Fortress
Bon Appetit 
  1. Pudding/Mousse
  2. Vegetarian/Vegan fare
  3. Ale
  4. Campfire Cooking
  5. Saute it (veggie or meat)
  6. Fresh Catch (fish/seafood)
  7. Waffles
  8. Tortilla/flat bread
  9. Tropical Fruit
  10. Specialty Tea or Coffee
Tools of the Trade
  1. Fire hose
  2. Hammer
  3. Gas can/pump
  4. Rifle
  5. Scuba gear
  6. Handcuffs
  7. Toolbox
  8. Shovel
  9. Oven
  10. Laptop Computer
  1. Space suit
  2. Uniform   Hammer
  3. Costume/Disguise
  4. High Heels
  5. Engagement Ring
  6. Belt
  7. Boots
  8. Skirt
  9. Overalls
  10. Trousers
Cover Clues
  1. A number in the title
  2. Mostly Yellow
  3. No people
  4. A season in the title
  5. No face/hidden features
  6. Holiday theme
  7. A hat
  8. Just a guy
  9. Just a gal
  10. A paranormal or sci-fi element

Library Love Challenge 2018

For more information *press*

Runs: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018.

Finishing the Series Reading Challenge 2018


While we’re pretty lax about how you wish to set up this challenge for yourself, we do have a few guidelines to follow.
  • The challenge will run from January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018.  Books must be read during this time frame to count.  Sign up is open from now until December 1st, 2018, so you may join even just for the last month of the year.
  • Series can be already completed as well as still ongoing.  For ongoing series, the goal is to catch up to the most recent book published.  For example, I’m hoping to catch up on the Winston Brothers series by Penny Reid, but I know there will still be another book coming in 2019 before that series is considered complete.  I would just need to read all the books published before the end of 2018 to qualify it as completed for this challenge.  So assuming the release schedule remains the same, that would include Dr. Strangebeard but not Beard Necessities.
  • We don’t care if you have only 1 book or 10 books to read in order to finish your series, as long as you’ve started the series before 2018 (ie read at least one book in the series), it counts.  Re-reads are not required.
  • Any format and length of book counts – print, ebook, audio, ARC, etc.
  • Series can be any length (even if it’s just a Duet).
  • Crossovers from other challenges are totally acceptable!
  • Reviews are not required, but highly encouraged.

How to Play:

  • Declare your intentions to participate in this challenge somewhere on the internet!!  You do not need to be a blogger to participate, there are many ways to declare.  You could write a blog post, create a reading challenge page, create a Goodreads shelf containing series you hope to finish, post about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Some things you could include (but that aren’t required):
    • A link to this page so that others may find us and join the fun as well (feel free to download the button at the top to use in your posts).
    • A list of series you hope to read for this challenge.  You could even get fancy and list the length of the series, or the books you’ve already read, etc.
    • The level you are aiming for.
  • Sign up for the challenge using the link up below, and link directly to where you’ve declared your intentions (ie to the specific blog post, the goodreads shelf, the facebook post, etc).
  • We will be posting monthly link ups for you to add links to your reviews or any wrap-up/overview posts you wish to share.
  • Go forth and READ!!  And have fun!!
  • Use the hashtag #FinishingTheSeries2018 on any social media to keep up with other participants!
My Goal: 

My Series:

1. Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

1) Obsidian - Schattendunkel
2) Onyx - Schattenschimmer
3) Opal - Schattenglanz
4) Origin - Schattenfunke
5) Opposition - Schattenblitz

2. The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley

1) The Seven Sisters
2) The Storm Sister
3) The Shadow Sister
4) The Pearl Sister

3. Ostfriesenkrimis by Klaus-Peter Wolf

1) Ostfriesenkiller
2) Ostfriesenblut
3) Ostfriesengrab
4) Ostfriesensünde
5) Ostfriesenfalle
6) Ostfriesenangst
7) Ostfriesenmoor
8) Ostfriesenfeuer
9) Ostfriesenwut
10) Ostfriesenschwur
11) Ostfriesentod
12) Ostfriesenfeuer

4. The little Beach Street Bakery  by Jenny Colgan

1) The Little Beach Street Bakery (Die kleine Bäckerei am Strandweg)
2) Summer at The Little Beach Street Bakery (Sommer in der kleinen Bäckerei am Strandweg)

3) Christmas at The Little Beach Street Bakery (Weihnachten in der kleinen Bäckerei am Strandweg)

5. Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward

1) The Bourbon Kings (Bourbon Kings)
2) The Angel's Share (Bourbon Sins)
3) Bourbon Lies (Bourbon Lies)

2018 Reading Challenge

hosted by Lindsey on

2018 Reading Challenge

Level 1: Book of the Month Club

1 A book from Project Gutenberg

2 A book that costs less than $5

3 A Cozy Mystery

4 A comedy or a satire book

5 Read a book by Nora Roberts

6 A book that has been turned into a movie or TV show

7 A book on a best seller list

8 A book under 300 pages

9 A book that takes place around a holiday

10 A book with a one word title

11 A book you first read when you were a teenager

12 A children's book

Level 2: Casual Reader Club

13 A book by a new author

14 Reread a favorite book

15 A book with a cover that's in your favorite color

16 A book published in 1993

17 A book recommended to you on social media or by a friend

18 A book with a number in the title

19 A book with pictures in it

20 A retelling of a fairy tale

21 A book that involves a mythical creature

22 A book about witches

23 A book by an author named Chris or Christopher

24 A book you got from a used bookshop or site

Level 3: Dedicated Reader Club

25 A book about space travel, aliens, or other planets

26 A book with an animal in the title

27 First in a series you've wanted to start

28 A book with music or song in the title

29 A book with a purple cover

30 A cult classic

31 A book about a Teacher

32 An action adventure book

33 A book that takes place before 1900

34 A book about friendship

35 A book by Michael Crichton

36 A book about a Queen

Level 4: Speed Reader Club

37 A book by Agatha Christie

38 A book that takes place in Australia

39 A book that has a title starting with the letter Y

40 Read a compilation of short stories

41 Read a book from the Guardian's 100 greatest Novel list

42 A book with the word thief in the title

43 A banned book

44 A book published in 1968

45 A book about a doctor

46 A book involving food

47 A book with a male main character

48 A book by two or more authors

Level 5: Overachiever Club

49 A book published the year one of your parents was born

50 A book over 500 pages

51 A book about traveling

52 A book with a flower on the cover

53 A Non-Fiction book

54 A book that takes place during a war

55 A book involving a culture different than your own

56 A book that takes place in Canada

57 A book that was originally published in a foreign language

58 A book about a character who has your dream job

59 A book with woman or girl in the title

60 A book about a main character that has the same hair color as you

Back to the Classics Challenge 2018

hosted by Karen on karensbooksandchocolates 

This challenge is going to be really challenging because I haven't read any classics for quite a long time.

Categories for the 2018 Back to the Classics Challenge:

1.  A 19th century classic - any book published between 1800 and 1899.  

Vanity Fair (Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeit) by William M. Thackerey (1849)

2.  A 20th century classic - any book published between 1900 and 1968. Just like last year, all books MUST have been published at least 50 years ago to qualify. The only exception is books written at least 50 years ago, but published later, such as posthumous publications.

Die Pest - Albert Camus (1947)

3.  A classic by a woman author

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte (1847)

4.  A classic in translation.  Any book originally written published in a language other than your native language. Feel free to read the book in your language or the original language. (You can also read books in translation for any of the other categories). Modern translations are acceptable as long as the original work fits the guidelines for publications as explained in the challenge rules.

Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoj (1877/78)

5. A children's classic. Indulge your inner child and read that classic that you somehow missed years ago. Short stories are fine, but it must be a complete volume. Picture books don't count!

Meisterdetektiv Kalle Blomquist - Astrid Lindgren (1947)

6.  A classic crime story, fiction or non-fiction. This can be a true crime story, mystery, detective novel, spy novel, etc., as long as a crime is an integral part of the story and it was published at least 50 years ago. Examples include The 39 Steps, Strangers on a Train, In Cold Blood, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, etc.  The Haycraft-Queen Cornerstones list is an excellent source for suggestions. 

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle (1894)

7. A classic travel or journey narrative, fiction or non-fiction. A journey should be a major plot point, i.e., The Hobbit, Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, Kon-Tiki, Travels with Charley, etc.
Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift (1726)

8. A classic with a single-word title. No articles please! Proper names are fine -- Emma, Germinal, Middlemarch, Kidnapped, etc.).

Ulysses - James Joyce

9. A classic with a color in the title. The Woman in White; Anne of Green Gables; The Red and the Black, and so on.

Anne of Green Gables - Lucy Maud Montgomery (1908)

10. A classic by an author that's new to you. Choose an author you've never read before.

Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe (1719)

11. A classic that scares you. Is there a classic you've been putting off forever? A really long book which intimidates you because of its sheer length? Now's the time to read it, and hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Der Process - Franz Kafka (1925)

12. Re-read a favorite classic. Like me, you probably have a lot of favorites -- choose one and read it again, then tell us why you love it so much. 

Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank - Anne Frank (1950)

  • All books must be read in 2018. Books started before January 1, 2018 do not qualify. All reviews must be linked to this challenge by December 31, 2018. I'll post links for each category the first week of January which will be featured on a sidebar on this blog for the entire year. (The exception is the Final Wrap-Up link which I'll post later in the year, to avoid confusion).
  • You must also post a wrap-up review and link it to the challenge no later than December 31, 2018. Please include links within your final wrap-up so that I can easily confirm all your categories. Also, it is OK to rearrange books to fit different categories in your wrap-up post. Most books could count toward several different categories, so it's fine if you change them, as long as they are identified in your wrap-up post.
  • All books must have been written at least 50 years ago; therefore, books must have been written by 1968 to qualify for this challenge. The ONLY exceptions are books published posthumously. Recent translations of classics are acceptable.
  • E-books and audiobooks are eligible! You may also count books that you read for other challenges.
  • Books may NOT cross over within this challenge. You must read a different book for EACH category, or it doesn't count. 
  • Multiple books by the same author are also acceptable. 
  • Children's classics are acceptable, but please, no more than 3 total for the challenge; and please, no picture books.
  • Single short stories and short poems do not count, but you may use epic poems like The Odyssey and short story collections like The Canterbury Tales, as long as it is the entire book.
  • If you do not have a blog, you may link to reviews on Goodreads or any other publicly accessible online format. For example, if you have a Goodreads account, you could create a dedicated list to the challenge, and link to that with a tentative list (the list can change throughout the challenge).
  • The deadline to sign up for the challenge is March 1, 2018. After that, I will close the link and you'll have to wait until the next year! Please include a link to your original sign-up post, not your blog URL. Also, make sure you add your link to the Linky below, NOT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. If I don't see your name in the original Linky, YOU WILL BE INELIGIBLE. If you've made a mistake with your link, just add a second one and let me know in the comments. It's no problem for me to delete an incorrect link.
  • You do NOT have to list all the books you're going to read for the challenge in your sign-up post, but it's more fun if you do! Of course, you can change your list any time. Books may also be read in any order. 

Die große Cover Challenge

Eine reine Cover-Challenge habe ich bislang noch nicht mitgemacht, aber auf die von Charleen hatte ich sofort Lust :)

Die große Cover Challenge auf Charleen's Traumbibliothek *hier entlang*

  • Die Challenge startet am 1. Januar 2018 und endet am 31. Dezember 2018.
  • Alle Bücher ab 200 Seiten zählen (ich überprüfe die Seitenanzahl bei Amazon).
  • Der Einstieg ist jederzeit möglich, es zählen aber nur die Bücher, die ab dem Zeitpunkt der Anmeldung gelesen werden.
  • Das Logo dürft Ihr gerne verwenden.
  • Zu jedem Buch muss eine Rezension geschrieben werden.
  • Ihr solltet eine Challengeseite anlegen, auf der ihr die jeweilige Rezension bei der jeweiligen Aufgabe verlinkt. 
  • Hinterlasst mir hier unter dem Post bitte als Kommentar den Link zu eurer Challengeseite.
  • Es gibt 50 Aufgaben. Jede Aufgabe kann nur einmal während der Challenge und pro Buch kann nur eine Aufgabe erfüllt werden.
  • Die Reihenfolge, in der Ihr die Aufgaben erledigt, bleibt Euch überlassen.
  • Statt eines Buches dürft Ihr natürlich auch eBooks lesen. Hörbücher hingegen werden nicht akzeptiert.

  1. ein Buch mit einem roten Cover.
  2. ein Buch mit einem rosa oder lilafarbenen Cover.
  3. ein Buch mit einem blauen oder türkisen Cover.
  4. ein Buch mit einem grünen Cover.
  5. ein Buch mit einem gelben oder orangen Cover.
  6. ein Buch mit einer Person auf dem Cover.
  7. ein Buch mit zwei Personen auf dem Cover.
  8. ein Buch mit mehr als zwei Personen auf dem Cover.
  9. ein Buch mit einem Tier auf dem Cover.
  10. ein Buch mit einer Pflanze auf dem Cover.
  11. ein Buch mit einem oderer mehreren Büchern auf dem Cover.
  12. ein Buch mit einem Gebäude auf dem Cover.
  13. ein Buch mit einer Stadt auf dem Cover.
  14. ein Buch mit einem Gebirge auf dem Cover.
  15. ein Buch mit etwas Essbarem auf dem Cover.
  16. ein Buch mit etwas Trinkbarem auf dem Cover.
  17. ein Buch mit einem Frühlingscover.
  18. ein Buch mit einem Sommercover.
  19. ein Buch mit einem Herbstcover.
  20. ein Buch mit einem Wintercover.
  21. ein Buch mit einem Weihnachtscover.
  22. ein Buch mit einem Cover, welches dich an Urlaub erinnert.
  23. ein Buch, auf dessen Cover Wasser zu sehen ist.
  24. ein Buch, auf dessen Cover Feuer zu sehen ist.
  25. ein Buch, auf dessen Cover ein Fortbewegungsmittel zu sehen ist.
  26. ein Buch mit einer Waffe auf dem Cover.
  27. ein Buch mit einem Gegenstand auf dem Cover, der aus Metall besteht.
  28. ein Buch mit einem hölzernen Gegenstand auf dem Cover.
  29. ein Buch, dessen Cover nur aus einem Schriftzug besteht.
  30. ein Buch mit einem Cover, das aus nur zwei Farben besteht.
  31. ein Buch mit einem Cover, das aus mehr als drei Farben besteht.
  32. ein Buch mit einem Cover, das aus mehr als vier Farben besteht.
  33. ein Buch mit einem Cover, das aus mehr als fünf Farben besteht.
  34. ein Buch, welches nur in schwarz-weiß gehalten ist (ausgenommen der Schriftzug)
  35. ein Buch mit einem schwarzen Schriftzug.
  36. ein Buch mit einem roten Schriftzug.
  37. ein Buch mit einem weißen Schriftzug.
  38. ein Buch mit einem Kleid auf dem Cover.
  39. ein Buch mit einem Schmuckstück (Ring, Kette, etc.) auf dem Cover.
  40. ein Buch, auf dessen Cover eine Krone zu sehen ist.
  41. ein Buch, auf dessen Cover ein Edelstein zu sehen ist.
  42. ein Buch mit einem glänzenden oder funkelnden Cover.
  43. ein Buch mit einem Cover, auf dem etwas zu sehen ist, was man am Himmel finden kann.
  44. ein Buch mit einem Cover, auf dem etwas zu sehen ist, was man im Wasser finden kann.
  45. ein Buch mit einem Cover, auf dem etwas zu sehen ist, was man am Strand finden kann.
  46. ein Buch mit einem hellen Cover.
  47. ein Buch mit einem dunklen Cover.
  48. ein Buch mit einem Cover, welches deiner Meinung nach jeder gesehen haben sollte.
  49. ein Buch mit einem Cover, auf dem mindestens eine Zahl steht.
  50. ein Buch mit einem Schriftstück auf dem Cover.